• Social Media

    • GTDigital-RFID-stations FB RFID STATIONS

      With GT RFID FB Stations it is now possible to ‘Like’ everything in real life! Just place them on-site and by swiping an RFID card, the action is displayed live on FB. Watch Case Study


      GTDigital-photo-kiosks FB PHOTO KIOSKS

      Tested again and again by some top notch brands, GT FB Photo Kiosks work because they are personal and they offer something of value to the participants.


      GTDigital-app-development FB APPLICATIONS

      Creating an interesting Facebook app which rewards users is always welcome through ups & downs. From simple “like & win”, to complex apps, GT’s got your back.


      GT_Digital_FB GAMES FB GAMES

      If you are not shy on creativity, the sky is the limit when it comes to Facebook games. So think big or we will think for you and your project will be completed ASAP.


      INTEGRATION Get the most out of your projects with the GT multi-channel, integrated approach.
      ACCOUNT CREATION We set it up, customize its appearance and get the names for you.
      CONTENT MANAGEMENT Forget tech. Think content. We do!
      GAMES The more interesting, the better the results.
      ADVERTISING & REPORTING Get your message out there, with targeted and strategic advertising.
  • Mobile Marketing

    • GTDigital-sms-marketing SMS MARKETING

      Although it is the most effective communication tool to reach your customers wherever they may be, it only works if it is permission based. So use with caution. We do.

      GTDigital-email-marketing EMAIL MARKETING

      Emails are on phones, emails are on pcs, emails are on the cloud, emails are everywhere. It is a valuable tool in your digital belt. Use it for your benefit.

      GTDigital-mobile-coupons COUPONING

      There are multiple ways of distributing your coupons. Apps, SMS, emails, FB, choose your cup of tea. For any device, any model. And don’t forget, consumers love their vouchers.

      GTDigital-ticketing TICKETING

      The green and queueless approach to ticketing, done at a fraction of the cost of printing paper tickets. Plus you get to save the planet while watching your concert!

      GTDigital-mobile-apps MOBILE APPS

      Let your brand become part of the consumers’ daily routine, by installing your own app, corporate or thematic, right on their phones.

  • Communication Platforms

    • cheap bulk sms cyprus IBULKIT CYPRUS

      Keep it local & cheap. GT offers the cheapest SMS around. Permission based SMS is the most efficient & inexpensive way to communicate with your clients. Plus GT safeguards your database.


      cheap bulk sms global IBULKIT GLOBAL

      If you want to go big, GT has developed an international Bulk SMS service. Simple interface, yet cutting edge technology, competitive rates and access to the whole world. Nice!


      GTDigital-couponing COUPONING

      On line, fast and easy GT coupon platform enables business owners to create and distribute their own customized coupons in a matter of minutes. And they get measurable results.


      GTDigital-sms-box SMS BOX

      GT was the first company to develop an SMS BOX solution for radio stations in Cy. This platform enables radio producers to interact with their audience while broadcasting live.


      GT LIVE AGENT Live agent services across Europe.
      GT VISUALIZATION If it happens during the game, GT will display it live on your TV.
      GT ALERTSIt is a fact that a lot of people usually forget their appointments. Send them a personal reminder with GT alerts.
      TELEVOTING GT was, is and will be behind the most popular TV Reality shows including Eurovision, X-Factor, The Voice etc.
      WHITE LABEL SOLUTIONS GT's generic products enable you to apply your own brand.