About Bulk SMS Platform
  • The service is developed in-house and hosted online by Golden Telemedia
  • The service is available 24/7
  • Easy to navigate panel and intuitive to use
  • Continuous technical support from Golden Telemedia’s staff
  • 160 characters per SMS (Greek and English characters)
  • Ability to send personalized SMS
  • Ability to send unique voucher codes
  • Ability to test the message prior to transmitting it to all your customers
  • Ability to schedule your SMS campaigns by date and time
  • Automatic character counter to help control your message length
  • Ability to send long or concatenated messages in excess of 160 characters
  • Automatic Opt-Out function option
  • Ability to view transaction history and print out a statement
  • Ability to create group lists
  • Ability to search a number in the opt-out list (search by number, name or last name in contact lists)
  • Ability to export lists
  • Free Header (Sender)
  • Very high throughput rate
  • Secure Web interface (https)
  • Online payments through jcc online portal

There are additional important services we offer in conjunction with bulk messaging. This is referred to in the industry as HLR Lookup or Number Context.

HLR stands for Home Location Register, which is a central database that contains details of each mobile phone subscriber that is registered with a particular mobile network. Each SIM card has a unique identifier called IMSI, which is the primary key to an HLR record.

HLR Lookup is a way to determine the home network of a mobile subscriber. HLR is also used to find what country the subscriber is roaming in right now.

Most importantly it can also be used to check if a subscriber is reachable or if the user is absent (i.e. has turned off the phone) or if the number is invalid or permanently closed.

This is quite an important feature which is used by our current business clients at least twice a year to clean up their database of customers and ensure that their customer list is kept up to date and no SMS is sent to or wasted on a number which is no longer valid.

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