• Applications

    • RFID Facebook stations kiosks - GTDigital FB RFID STATIONS

      With GT RFID FB Stations it is now possible to ‘Like’ everything in real life! Just place them on-site and by swiping an RFID card, the action is displayed live on FB.


      Facebook photo kiosks - GTDigital FB PHOTO KIOSKS

      Tested again and again by some top notch brands, GT FB Photo Kiosks work because they are personal and they offer something of value to the participants.


      GTDigital voting apps VOTING APPS

      Placing GT Kiosks in strategic locations can ensure the public’s participation in voting projects, as it is a reliable and convenient voting or survey channel.


      GTDigital information retriever INFORMATION RETRIEVER

      The GT Kiosk can be your digital concierge for retrieving information on local restaurants, hotels, maps etc.


      COUPON/TICKET/CARD DISPENSERGT Kiosks can print Coupons, Tickets, Loyalty cards & gift vouchers.
      PRODUCT & SERVICE ORDERING No queue, no rent, no utilities bill. Ordering made simple.
      ADVERTISING Besides branding software & hardware, GT Kiosks' top monitor can host your videos. So you get the most out of your campaign.
      LOYALTY PROGRAMEven if you already have a loyalty program, GT Kiosks can help you update its content and get new members.
      SOFTWARE CUSTOMIZATION Tailor made for your brand and your goals.
  • External Branding

    • branded customized kiosks cyprus GTDigital
      External Branding

      GT Kiosks love playing dress up with your brand’s colors and prints. All of them can be externally branded with your corporate logo and colors or with any other theme to fit the event in which those kiosks are being used. Check out their different outfits in our case studies. They can also be accompanied with props such as carnival masks, background screens, elevated platforms and whatever else you might come up with. So go ahead and make them your own.

  • Rental/Purchase Options

    • branded kiosks for rental or purchase in Cyprus, GTDigital
      Rental/Purchase Options

      For many small businesses, renting a kiosk is a cost-effective way of creating a buzz around a product for a specific period of time, or it can be a corporate partner in a professional conference. Beyond small businesses, there are many companies, even franchises which chose the GT Kiosks option in order to run a promotional campaign simultaneously in different locations.

      There is also the option of purchasing or leasing the kiosks for permanent display. Tell us what you need and we will figure out a way to help you achieve your goals with GT Kiosks.

  • Data Collection

    • GTDigital data collection
      Data Collection

      Kiosks can be instrumental in capturing users’ data (demographic data such as age, gender, address etc.) through customer surveys, product surveys, questionnaires and other digital entry forms. Businesses can gain an invaluable insight into their customers’ preferences through data collection Data reports can be generated from the collection.



Kiosks need to offer more than a self-service transaction. To be truly effective, kiosks must be an extension of your brand and your service. When done right, kiosks can create an engaging experience, increase interactions, and enhance communications

Kiosks can provide complete self-service solutions for you, your business, your employees and your customers.

GT Digital can offer you various solutions customized to your needs:

Photo Kiosks with Facebook integration
RFID Stations with Facebook Integration

Check out our case studies here.

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Our kiosk applications support a wide range of self-service functionality and solutions which reduces most of the heavy development effort. We have developed a number of core applications in the last few years which enable us to spend the remaining development efforts focused on customer-specific finish (user flow, API integration, branding, etc.), facilitating a high-quality custom interface in a fraction of the development time.

Here are some examples of applications which kiosks can be used for in business:

Voting Kiosks
Directory/Information Kiosks
Coupon/Ticketing Kiosks
Customer order entry kiosks
Advertising Kiosks
Loyalty Management Kiosks