Case Study

ANT1, Fame Story (Star Academy) 1,2,3,4

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Antenna TV Station in Greece together with Endemol Productions, broadcasted the Fame Story Reality Show - a Song Contest, where a number of players participated in the show in order to win the ultimate prize of 200,000 Euro and the signing of a contract with an Official Record Company. Viewers of the show could interact with the show, by deciding which player would continue and which would leave the show. Eventually viewers voted for the big winner. The Reality Show was broadcasted in Cyprus by Antenna TV Station Cyprus.

Idea & Implementation

Viewers of the Fame Story in Cyprus, could interact with the show by voting the player they wanted to stay in the show either by sending an SMS to a unique short code with the details of the specific player, or by calling an IVR hotline and voting for the specific player. Antenna TV in Greece and Endemol Productions had access to real-time statistics of the votes of the Cypriot viewers 24 hours a day.


The production of a new and exciting reality show where the big winner would have the chance to win a significant amount of money and the signing of a contract with an Official Record Company, and at the same time give the chance to viewers of the show to interact and affect the outcome of the show. Increasing the percentage of viewership of the TV Stations and attracting new viewers to the Station was an additional aim.


The Show generated a significant buzz around the TV Station and the number of viewers during the broadcast of the Show had increased significantly. The viewership percentage of the TV Station especially during the final episode had reached 64%. The high response of the viewers who participated by voting the players they wanted to stay had resulted in the generation of a significant revenue from the sms and calls received.

Fame Story (Star Academy) 1,2,3,4
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