Case Study

Politis, Classified Ads

Politis newspaper is one of the most popular newspapers in Cyprus Market. Politis needed to offer to the public a new, faster and more effective channel to place their classified ads. The new channel should also provide instant charging for the clients’ ad placements.

Idea & Implementation

GT Digital provided Politis with a micropayment turnkey solution. Politis now owns a 900 lines, where people call and record their ads and get instantly charged for it. GT Digital’s personnel then carefully listen and process all recordings into the format specified by Politis. The ads are forwarded to Politis including information on the date of publication for each ad. The service operates 24/7 enabling people to call any time and place their ads without any delays in the service.


Politis operates an automated billing service that provides significant income to the newspaper, saving at the same time cost through the reduction of the number of staff involved with the classified ads service.

Classified Ads
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