Case Study

Once in a lifetime chance to win dream cars, house furniture, dream vacations, kitchen renovation and many more with participating in the live show named ΄O Pio Atixos Kerdizei’.

Through an exciting campaign that was introduced for the first time live on Cyprus TV, GT Digital is giving the opportunity to ANT1 viewers to win the most expensive and prestigious gifts ever claimed live on Cyprus TV.

The campaign aimed at enchasing one to one communication with ANT1 viewers and providing significant income to the station at the same time.

Idea & Implementation

The idea was based on several events, where one participant would have the amazing opportunity to choose an envelope out of a hundred and find the envelope with the grand prize.

The campaign was launched on 1st of November 2010. Viewers can participate through Premium SMS or Landline. Every week Saturday at 12:00 a draw takes place and the big winner (finalist) will have to attend to the live show.

The lucky finalist had to choose one envelope out of one hundred to reveal if he/she was the winner of the grand prize which can reach the amount of €170.000.

In the event that the big prize was won, the prize is paid by GT Digital.


A unique live show offering the chance to ANT1 viewers to win exclusive prizes, aimed at generating extra income for the stations while enchasing one to one communication with ANT1 viewers.


The show is providing significant income for the station, has already given away significant amounts to viewers, while providing and a big opt-in database was created that can be used in future activities.

O Pio Atixos Kerdizei
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