Case Study

Unicars, VW, Audi, Scoda, Fiat Motorshow

"What happens at Fairs, doesn’t stay at Fairs!"

GT Digital supported Unicars' presence at the Motorshow with a Social Media campaign which made it possible to "FB like" things in real life!

The aim of this campaign was to introduce the new car models to the public, and enable them to interact with them in a unique way.

During the Cyprus Motorshow, GT Digital supported Unicars’ presence by empowering car fans to “Like” specific cars as they experienced them live.

First, visitors were prompted to log in their FB account, and like the Unicars’ Apps. Then, they were given a unique tag which they scanned on the strategically placed Facebook stations. Each of the 4 cars chosen by Unicars was accompanied by a Facebook Station. Upon scanning their tag, visitors observed their posts being displayed on FB in real time. All visitors scanning their tags entered automatically the draw to win the opportunity of test driving 4 chosen car models imported and distributed exclusively by Unicars (namely the VW Up, Audi A3, Seat Leon and Skoda Citigo).

Results were extremely impressive! The Facebook pages of all 4 chosen car models were ranked as the Top 5 fastest growing FB pages in the country! A valuable Opt-in database was also created.

VW, Audi, Scoda, Fiat Motorshow
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