Case Study

Win Gifts worth €12.000 that included the wedding Ceremony, the wedding cocktail, and the wedding dress electric appliances for a lucky couple.

Through a Scratch Card promotional campaign, ELITE Wedding Magazine aimed at brand awareness, boosting sales, creating a buzz around the brand name and rewarding customers.

Idea & Implementation

Customers where positively surprised when they found a scratch card in their magazine. They could register their code found on the Scratch Card by SMS or Landline. They would receive an instant reply informing them about their registration. All entries were submitted in the big prize draw for the big prizes which where relevant to the magazines’ wedding theme, gifts valued over €12.000.


ELITE Wedding Magazine Scratch Card promotional campaign by offering the chance to win wedding related gifts valued over €12.000 for one lucky reader, aimed at consumer/brand interaction, which would increase sales, attract new customers, create a buzz around the brand name and reward consumers for reading the magazine.


The promotional campaign resulted at boosting sales of ELITE Wedding Magazine, generating a buzz around the brand name, and rewarded consumers for reading the magazine.

Scratch Cards
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