Case Study

Once in a lifetime chance to win your dream car during World Cup 2010

Through an exciting campaign that was introduced for the first time on Cyprus TV, GT Digital provided CYBC with a unique competition where viewers had the opportunity to participate and win cars worth more than €300.000!

The competition aimed at creating a buzz around CYBC and World Cup 2010, while rewarding CYBC’s viewers with the chance to win cars like Mini Cooper Cabrio, Audi Q5, BMW 3 Series Cabrio, Mercedes E Class Coupe, Porsche Boxster and BMW X5!

Idea & Implementation

The idea was based on final events, following the stages of the World Cup. One participant would have the amazing opportunity to choose one envelope out of a hundred and find the lucky envelope containing the car.

The competition lasted for one month. During this time viewers were invited to participate through TV spots and by the match commentator in order to have their chance for the 6 dream cars. At the end of each stage all participants were invited to watch the big event which was live after the match of the day.

One lucky finalist was drawn from all the participants pool. The lucky finalist had to choose one envelope from the ‘football field’ to reveal if he/she was the winner of the car.

In the event that the car was won, the prize was paid by GT Digital. In case the finalist would not win the car, cash prizes between €1000 and €3000 were the “compensation” prize.


Ensure an additional revenue opportunity, for a royalty costly broadcast through a unique competition. At the same time a big buzz around World Cup 2010 and CYBC were created.


The competition resulted in a significant income for CYBC. The levels of participation exceeded all expectations since thousands of viewers participated in the competition. In addition, during the month of the games, the competition was advantageous in terms of viewership as the AGB numbers were skyrocketed.

Win your Dream Car
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