Case Study

Bwin, Win free codes for BWIN

Through an innovative promotional campaign, BWIN invited ANT1 TV viewers to send SMS messages and receive a code. The campaign was promoted during the live sport TV program REPLAY. BWIN aimed at boosting revenues from sports betting and online games sales, creating a buzz around the brand name, rewarding and attracting new customers.

Idea & Implementation

Viewers were invited to send a keyword -BWIN- to a PSMS. Viewers received a promotional code that could be redeemed online for free betting transaction. The free promotional codes where given to all participants who agreed to transmit the keyword.


BWIN, through the SMS competition, wanted to attract new customers offering them at the same time free cash to spend on betting. Interaction between the customer and BWIN brand was the focus of the campaign/competition whilst the ultimate objective was to improve sales by creating a buzz around the BWIN brand name and rewarding consumers for choosing BWIN.


The promotional campaign:

• Contributed to the boosting of overall sales of BWIN by converting a percentage of viewers into new customers,
• Generated a lot of interest and noise around the BWIN brand name and
• Rewarded viewers for participating and using the brand.

Win free codes for BWIN
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