Case Study

Kings Avenue Mall, Make your mum a card!

On Mother's Day, Kings Avenue Mall and GT Digital launched a Kiosk application named "Make your mum a card".

The project aimed at praising the spirit of motherhood whilst engaging the Mall's shoppers and visitors to express their appreciation for their mother. Kings Avenue Mall wanted to make this a special day for children as well as their mothers.

GT Digital created an interactive Kiosk App inviting all the Mall’s visitors to create their favorite Mother’s Day Wish card design from a selection of several templates, type in their wishes on the chosen card and print the card for Free!

This was indeed a fresh and fun way of celebrating and honoring motherhood. As expected, the promotion was a success, driving hundreds of Mall visitors to participate and express their appreciation, whilst enhancing the Mall’s brand exposure.
Each card was unique and will always be a nice reminder of the children's unconditional love for every mother who received it.

Make your mum a card!
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