Case Study

BeautyLine, Win a Pink Friday

Costas Papaellinas Organization boosts sales of Nicki Minaj Pink Friday perfume with Win Pink Friday promotion.

Costas Papaellinas Organization in association with Beautyline and GT Digital launched a GT Photo Kiosk campaign for the month of September 2013. As a result, Beautyline boosted the sales of Nicki Minaj Pink Friday perfume giving a thrilling experience at the same time to its clients.

Idea & Implementation

GT Digital introduced a fun and interactive mechanism for the promotion of Nicki Minaj Pink Friday perfume. During September 2013 one GT Photo Kiosk was installed at Beautyline store at MyMall in Limassol. Visitors were invited to get their Snapshot with Nicki Minaj real life silhouette and get the chance to win ten 50 ml perfumes.

GT Photo Kiosks were connected with Beautyline’s facebook page. Participants needed to like the Beautyline’s Facebook page and then smile for their snapshot. Registration of basic data was applied (name, email town etc). The Snapshot was posted on participants’ Timeline on Facebook and uploaded on Beautyline’s Facebook page at the same time.

Participants were encouraged to visit Bautyline’s Facebook page and vote for their favorite picture. The 10 pictures with the most votes will receive each a 50 ml Nicki Minaj Pink Friday perfume.

In parallel an identical promotion was created on facebook, to increase the reach of the brand to those who were unable to visit MyMall and allowing those from the comfort of their homes to sign up and vote for the best picture.


The campaign aimed at promoting Nicki Minaj brand and to creating a valuable database of customers loyal to the brand.


The success of the campaign was defined by the oversubscription numbers to the “Win a Pink Friday” promotion whilst at the same time creating an exciting buzz around the Nicki Minaj brand ultimately leading to an increase in sales. Beautyline was also able to sign up new customers hence expanding its valuable database for use in future promotional activities.

Furthermore, Beautyline was able to increase its fan base via an increase in Facebook ‘Likes’.

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