Case Study

Hellenic Bank, Telethon

Charity Lines

TELETHON is an international annual event (organized by the Cyprus Institute of Neurology, ANT 1, Hellenic Bank of Cyprus and other sponsors) during which a number of enjoyable fundraising events are held all over Cyprus.

Idea & Implementation

In an effort to support the fund raising, ANT1 in cooperation with GT Digital organised and televised a charity event where the public participated by calling an IVR hotline and getting charged. People could also call to a call centre, specially set for the event, and state the amount they would like to donate.

All donations were displayed on TV ( real-time ) through a mechanism that was specially designed to do so.


All events aimed to be informative and to create awareness about neurological and genetic diseases. At the same time gathering donations and contributions for this cause was expected.


Generating a significant amount of donations supporting the needs of the MDA, as well as the research carried out by the scientists of the Institute.

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