Case Study


CYBC’s Third Programme is the most popular radio station in Cyprus, for entertainment and briefing on a 24 hours basis. CYBC was interested in Web based software that would enable the interaction between radio producers and listeners.

Idea & Implementation

GT Digital’s SMS BOX ( platform was the ideal solution since it is a web based application that runs 24/07 and gives to the user a two-way communication with the listeners. Since it is a web application, it runs on any pc, laptop or even mobile device. It enables users to send and receive text messages from and to a large group of people. The application allows users to create and run competitions on the spot, providing them at the same time with measurable results and analytical reports (monthly, weekly, daily, by hour). The CYBC account was created and the listeners started interacting with their favourite producers. Listeners also receive a reply message that the producers compose, which most of the times is thanking them for listening to the station.


CYBC is currently using SMS BOX in various occasions including broadcasting needs for CYBC’s fourth program, even on TV competitions occasionally as it provides significant income to the radio station which increases year by year. GT SMS BOX is the most complete application a radio station could ask for.

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