Case Study

TGI Friday’s with the summer 2013 promotion ‘Swipe & Win’ boosts its “Give Me More Stripes™” rewards program and its presence in the Social Media scene in Cyprus.

TGI Friday’s in association with GT Digital launched a GT Kiosk promotional campaign for the month of August 2013. As a result, TGI Friday’s enhanced the image of its loyalty program, established its presence in the social media scene, improved the communication with the loyalty members but most importantly, increased its sales.

Idea & Implementation

GT Digital introduced a fun and convenient method for the update, registration and collection of TGI Friday’s reward program members’ data, through GT Digital branded Interactive Kiosks which were positioned at all of TGI Friday’s outlets nationwide. TGI Friday’s Facebook was linked to the promotional campaign enhancing the fun element of the promotion.

A Swipe Card mechanism was installed on all Interactive Kiosks, through which visitors of TGI Friday’s restaurants could swipe their “Give Me More Stripes” card. The profile of existing members was displayed on the Kiosks’ touch screen automatically, and members could update their data. At the same time new members by swiping their new “Give Me More Stripes” card, had the chance to complete their details through the form displayed on the screen.

Once customers details were updated/registered, visitors could take their photo through the camera installed on the kiosks which was then automatically posted on the visitors Facebook wall and on TGI Friday’s Facebook wall.

GT Digital created and developed the GUI, the application and the Facebook integration necessary to capture and update the personal information of the loyalty members.  TGI’s staff handled the onsite promotion of the campaign and invited guests to participate for the chance to win prizes ranging from appetizers, desserts to cash vouchers of up to €100.


The campaign aimed at updating the existing loyalty database and reaching more people by enrolling new members into the “Give Me More Stripes™” loyalty program, while establishing TGI Friday’s position in the social media scene.


The success of the campaign was defined by the oversubscription numbers to the “Give Me More Stripes™” loyalty program whilst at the same time creating an exciting buzz. TGI Friday’s was also able to bring up to date its active database and sign up new customers hence expanding its valuable database for use in future promotional activities. Furthermore, TGI Friday’s achieved an increase in the ‘Likes’ of its Facebook page, while it managed to establish a new communication channel with its consumers through the social media scene. Of great importance, a high redemption percentage was also noted for the coupons won, thus increasing sales for the period that the campaign was active.

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