Case Study

Marfin Laiki Bank, Card & Fly

Marfin Laiki Bank boosts membership of their Card & Fly in Cyprus.

Marfin Laiki Bank in collaboration with GT Digital conducted a Pancyprian promotion 'Card & Fly' with huge success in Shopping Malls in all major Cities.

Idea & Implementation

Data collection was conducted through GT Interactive Kiosks that were positioned at several key locations selected by Marfin Laiki Bank within the major cities of Cyprus.
Promotional staffs invited people to sign-up for the ‘Card & Fly’ card and win coupons worth €50, €75, and €100 that could be redeemed for holiday trips.

Registration of new members was conducted using GT touch screen kiosk monitors. Upon completion of registration vouchers were simultaneous printed via the kiosks.

GT Digital provided all technical and creative support for the duration of the promotion.

GT Digital’s interactive kiosk application was specifically developed to offer consumers an innovative way to participate in the promotion.

The promotion allowed the collection of valuable database of potential customers for Marfin Laiki Bank for future use.


The immediate objective was to raise awareness of ‘Card & Fly’ card of Marfin Laiki Bank and increase membership.


A significant number of potential new card members were achieved through the promotional campaign whilst at the same time creating an exciting buzz around the ‘Card & Fly’ brand. Marfin Laiki was also able to create a valuable database for use in future promotional activities.

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