Case Study

Diexodos Group, Win the €100,000 Suitcase

Once in a lifetime chance to win €100,000 with your purchase from any Diexodos Group Outlet.

Through an exciting campaign that was introduced for the first time in Cyprus, GT Digital provided Diexodos Group with a unique competition where customers had the chance to win the top prize of €100,000.

The campaign aimed at boosting sales and creating a buzz around Diexodos Group outlets.

Idea & Implementation

The idea was based on a final event, where one customer would have the amazing opportunity to choose one suitcase out of a hundred and find the €100,000 lucky suitcase.

The campaign lasted for a period of 2 months throughout all Diexodos Group outlets where with every purchase worth €100, customers of any Diexodos Group outlet received one entry to the big final. At the end of the campaign all participants were invited to attend the big event. Participants had to confirm their presence to the big event and their entries were submitted in the draw.

One lucky finalist was drawn from all the participants to play for the €100,000. The lucky finalist had to choose one suitcase from the ‘wall of money’ to reveal if he/she was the winner of €100,000.

In the event that the big prize of €100,000 was won, the prize was paid by GT Digital.


A unique promotional campaign offering the chance to Diexodos Group customers to win the top prize of €100,000, aimed at boosting sales and creating an excitement around Diexodos Group outlets.


The campaign resulted in a significant increase of sales throughout Diexodos Group outlets, while the levels of participation to the big event exceeded all expectations. Hundreds of customers turned up at the big event, while the hosting outlet was buzzing with interest. Interaction with the brand was inevitable. Three customers won coupons worth thousands of Euros and the attention around the brand was exceptional.

Win the €100,000 Suitcase
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