Case Study

Plus Channel Cy, Social Strategy

GT Digital takes Plus Channel on the social side.

GT Digital’s effective Facebook strategy offers new ways to engage with Plus Channel customers and build brand awareness on the world’s largest social network.

GT Digital began by analysing Plus Channel’s existing Facebook timeline and realized that changes were necessary beginning with new content to keep fans interested.

Changes related to FB’s Timeline have made it more challenging for companies in some respects to maintain engagement and reach. Interactions with fans are different, and there’s no guarantee that your status updates will be widely seen. GT Digital is one of the few social media service providers that has adapted quickly to the Timeline layout.

Several recurring updates on Facebook such as a TV program listing and video listing & streaming apps were important tools connecting with a wider range of fans and keeping those fans engaged longer within Plus Channel Facebook timeline.

Of the four visible apps, two are directly related to the platform (TV program listing and video streaming). Fans of the Page can directly click on the apps, view the most popular videos and the programs of their choice.

More exciting content is being prepared so stay tuned as this new venture unveils itself.

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