Case Study

CNP Cyprialife, CNP Celebrates with a Trip to Paris

CNP Cyprialife Insurance in collaboration with its advertising agency MARKETWAY Publicis and GT Digital created a multi platform promotional campaign.

Through an on-line Kiosk Application, visitors at both Alpha Mega and Papantoniou Supermarkets in all major cities (Nicosia, Limassol, Paphos and Larnaca) in Cyprus, were invited to participate in the promotion.

Participants initially gave their answers to a short survey-type questionnaire and then they provided their contact information. All entries immediately were submitted in the draw for a big prize, in this case a trip to Paris.

The promotion lasted for 2 weekends in July 2015 and the turnout and feedback from shoppers was vital to CNP insurance as they were able to collect valuable data directly from consumers. Results were also impressive as thousands of shoppers took part in the survey.

This 3 way collaboration between Brands - Advertising Agencies and GT digital is another great example of how effective such B2B cooperations can be.

CNP Celebrates with a Trip to Paris
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