Case Study

This online competition "100 Days of Freedom" which run simultaneously in Greece and Cyprus was powered locally by services.

GT Digital was appointed to provide technical support and to handle all inbound/outbound SMS traffic from/to Cyprus residents via its state of the art premium SMS platform.

This promotion aimed at increasing brand awareness and most importantly increasing sales of Nestea products in both the Cyprus and Greek markets.

In order to participate, contestants purchasing Nestea (Lemon or Peach Flavour) were required to discover the code printed on the silver cap of the bottle and send it by text message to a dedicated number for the chance of winning instant prizes.

To complete the registration, contestants were required to send the unique code to the designated number with the keyword NE. Contestants then received a text message in reply informing them whether or not the code was one of the winning codes. In the event the code sent is proved to be the winning code, contestants will then have to answer a question correctly in order to receive the prize.

A total of 1,300 winners would be selected during the course of the campaign to win the following prizes:

• 100 Bicycles
• 300 Tents
• 100 Hammocks
• 800 Bluetooth selfie sticks

The promotion will be running from 4/5/15 until 11/8/15 and a large turnout is expected.

Watch the promotional video here:


100 Days of Freedom
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